15th Century Pre-Columbian Inspired Jewelry for Him and Her By A’Nena


Haiku About Earrings By A’Nena Jewelry

Women’s Healing Earrings: I Am Whole Purple Labradorite, Purple Jade and Purple Fresh Water Pearl, Purple Swarovski Crystals




Earrings warm my heart

They make me glow like the sun

Pieces of heaven

By A’Nena Jewelry

This Is My 30th Post Here On WordPress: Least Noticable Color As the Focal Point For Jewelry

Some shy away from wearing jewelry for the same reason why some shy away from wearing makeup; they aren’t sure how much or how little to put on. I have included 3 Look and jewelry to  show ways of pairing clothing and jewelry where the least noticed color is the focal point for the jewelry colors.

When wearing  jewelry its fun to choose the least noticed color in your clothes. In our first Look the least noticed color is green. It’s in the clothes but it’s not really taking center stage. When its paired with these earrings you notice the green. The green was carried a step further by layering necklaces and bracelets and applying a light shade of green eye shadow and wearing the hair down in a very relaxed style. Perfect to wear to work on a casual day.

In our second Look we have the least noticed color in the clothes as turquoise. A pair of peace that are the same color ass the least noticed color in the clothes earrings were paired along with a necklaces and multiple bracelets to dress up this Look. Very minimal make up was worn and the hair was put up with bangs added so that the earrings would not get lost in the hair. Perfect for a might on the town or going out to dinner, dancing or a concert.

In the third and  last look, the least noticed color is purple; there is very little of it in the tie dye shirt. The Shirt is mostly blue and white. A pair of purple earrings are added as well as a purple necklace, a light dusting of purple shadow and lipstick also serve to bring out the purple and a Fedora is worn as well, The hair is pulled back in a long pony tail to show off the earrings. This adds  a topical feel to the look and would be great for vacation or a day at the beach or marina.