Marketing Can Be Fun….No Really…It Can Be

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 Marketing  Can Be Fun….No Really…It Can Be

It can be a lonely, confusing, boring and daunting task to:

  1. Market  and promote your crafts
  2. Drive traffic to your website
  3. Drive  traffic to your store
  4. To get your crafts noticed
  5. And still find time to make your crafts

Sometimes it feels like a complete waste of time and like your wheels are spinning in the mud yet going nowhere,  but it does not have to be that way.

If you set aside 15 mins, 4 times a day, marketing can be more manageable ( we’ll get to that in a little while).

The best way to get your  crafts noticed is to:

  • Have a plan of where you are going to market and promote
  • Have an idea of what you want to  market and promote
  • Create a pattern and an organized way to market and promote
  • What you plan to say and why you want to promote a certain item (i.e. you have too many supplies and not enough room to store them and your tools so you decide to market and promote the supplies so you have a sale to get rid of them.)

For example, I have all of the places that I market to on facebook in one  folder and I have pre-written descriptions with the dates that I have promoted them, so that way I can keep track of where I have placed my crafts and where I have yet to finish placing my crafts and what I have promoted and what I said.

Now  for the part that you have been waiting for.

The best times for you to get maximum exposure is when people are taking a break or about to take a break:

  1. On their way to work
  2. At lunch
  3. At dinner
  4. Just before bedtime

So if you get at least 15 mins in of marketing and promotion during those times that I mentioned,  you are more likely  to have your posts read. And as a result , traffic to the place that you are marketing and promoting  will increase.

Also try to re-frame how you look at  the  promotion of your crafts because its not a daily thing that will end at the end of the week; it is a life long process.   Each time you have something new you promote it  so its never ending. So if you don’t get it all done today make a “To Do List” of where you still want to market and promote tomorrow and pace yourself.

Also make a list of the views you had before you promote something and after you promote it, eventually you will see a spike in views.


So have fun watching the trends as your traffic increases as you are telling the world why your crafts make you happy  and why you enjoy making them    🙂


The Marketing and Promotion Team

The Marketing and Promotion Team

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