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Men’s Healing Bracelet: Balance, Protection, Wholeness, Relaxation & Organization Genuine Rare Ruby Brecciated Jasper


For connoisseurs of male genuine semi-precious gemstone bracelets here’s a new one for you. A’Nena presents you with an:ample, impeccable, strand of elegance, for your approval and for you to choose from so your timepiece can have a companion worthy of its status. It blends very well with your existing silver jewelry and transitions seamlessly from work to play.

Men’s Healing Bracelet: balance, protection, wholeness, relaxation and organization In my Alpha Male collection is made of genuine rare ruby brecciated jasper and silver It a gorgeous, dark shade of ruby brecciated jasper 8mm beads and excellently paired with silver plated antiqued copper Ccb 12X12 mm Beads. reminds me that I can still be a leader and still be calm and organized.

Red Brecciated Jasper Facts:

Red Brecciated Jasper’s chemical formula is SiO2 and has a Mohs Hardness of 7.

Legend has it that it aids with balance, protection and wholeness, relaxation and organization.

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I remember the first time I was captivated by this Red Brecciated Jasper; time stood still and I did not want to put it down. I was in the store buying stones for one of my customer who wanted 5 Men’s healing bracelet and 4 pairs healing of earrings. I kept coming back and picking up the Red Brecciated Jasper thinking that I felt great holding it; more present and organized,but I could not afford it because of the large purchase I was making and I sadly put it down. Every time I went to the store to purchase materials to make my customers jewelry I would do the same until one day I was sitting and working on a customers bracelet and the thought came of a bracelet that looked just like this one. The 27 times I went to the store before I bought my customer’s material I went straight for the Red Brecciated Jasper and I could not find it. I was so sad. After about 30 minutes of looking and people asking me for advise on making jewelry I looked and looked some more and I found the last one hidden..the rest is history A’Nena ♥xo

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Mens Healing Bracelet Genuine Malachite Turquoise by ANenaJewelry

Mens Healing Bracelet Genuine Malachite, Turquoise And Amethyst, black and white seed beads To Help You Focus On Prayer Or Meditation


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Speedy delivery,Excellent customer service and quality materials.Men’s Bracelet PROTECTION is gorgeous, (the picture does it no justice). It’s made of Genuine Malachite, Turquoise And Amethyst and black and white seed beads. I created it to help you to focus on prayer or meditation. PROTECTION reminds me that it’s OK to take a break from all of my stressors and to focus through meditation and prayer on peaceful thoughts of protection; remembering that there is always hope no matter what is happening around me. I can still go deep with in the find peaceful protection. Please include your wrist size. Please see more men’s bracelets ancient times : Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, used%2

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15th Centrury Machu Picchu Inspired Mens Healing by ANenaJewelry

15th Centrury Machu Picchu Inspired Mens Healing Bracelet Munay Llanqay Yachay Powerful Black Agate

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Munay Llanqay Yachay is made of Rare and genuine black cracked agate, genuine silver plated copper.This men’s bracelet is the first men’s bracelet that I ever made so it has special meaning to me. it is in honor of the following concepts that I will provide a succinct explanation. In Quechua “Munay Llanqay Yachay” means: Munay is powerful love and internal personal will-power (Llanqay) is a powerful body,ability to be powerful and successful regarding work or being industriousness; Yachay is the power of the human mind Munay Llanqay Yachay remind me that just as I am , I am very powerfuI beyond measure and how I act is a physical manifestation of my internal state. No one can take away my powerbecause they did not give it to me and I consciously make the choice not to give my power away to anything or any one.

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Mens Healing Bracelet Cacike 15 Century Taino by ANenaJewelry

Home › ANenaJewelry › Mens Bracelets Listing Tools Edit Renew Promote Copy Deactivate Delete Stats See this listing in: Select language English French German Mens Healing Bracelet Cacike, 15 Century Taino Inspired Bracelet Genuine , Genuine JadeFrom ANenaJewelryIn the 15 Century the Cacike in Borin’ken was the Chief Ruler of the Taino tribe . Cacike was the one who kept his nation safe, and thought of everything possible so that his people could survive. This bracelet is in honor of all of the Cacikes world wide that have existed in the past, of the current day official and unofficial Cacikes who work so hard to keep their families safe and able to survive and those who are yet to come.

Cacikes is made from Genuine Jade. It reminds me that I am my own leader. Its my choice to engage in what I want to do and I don’t have to fall for things that will make me weak or put me in danger. I wont let anyone lead me in the wrong direction and if its someone who claims to have my best interest they will respect my choices. if not I will find good people to surround myself with. This mindset takes no account of external forces this is about my authenticity and what is happenings inside myself that leads me closer to my goal.

Constantly working on developing ways for

men to have jewelry that expresses who they

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