Machu Picchu 15th Century Inspired Chandelier by ANenaJewelry

Machu Picchu 15th Century Inspired Chandelier Earrings”Fairy of The Mountain” Genuine Aventurine, Malachite, Turquoise

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Machu Picchu 15th Century Inspired Chandelier Earrings “Fairy of The Mountain” are gorgeous. The picture does them no justice. They must be seen in person. Wearing ” Fairy of the Mountain” is like carruing around a piece of happiness found when you’ve gone hiking on a mountain. They are shiny and happy. The are made from Genuine Aventurine, Malachite, Turquoise, Quartzite, 3 types of Green Swavorski. Speedy delivery,Excellent customer service and quality materials.Now available in Clip-on. They are so bright and joyous that they remind me that the light and confidence that I seek I already possess; all I must do is open my heart and mind and embrace it.Please shop for additional unique earrings at: set of earring stoppers will be included with your order. Let A’Nena Handmade Jewelry make you into fall “in love” with Earrings!


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“Good Karma” Men’s Bracelet: 15th Century Pre-Columbian Inspired by ANenaJewelry


15th Century Pre-Columbian Inspired Men’s Bracelet: “Good Karma” Genuine Wood and HematiteFrom ANenaJewelry I really enjoyed making 15th Century Pre-Columbian Inspired ” Good Karma ” men’s bracelet because there it is very memorable and stylish about it. It is very masculine. ” Good Karma ” is made of wood and hematite. When I wear it I feel like all will be well. You can wear it to work or to go out to dinner or to play golf.

It is perfect for men who like a very classic yet minimalist style in bracelets.

Please include your wrist size.

Super duper speedy delivery, secure check out, credit card’s and paypal accepted ,excellent customer service and quality materials.

This style can be made in different shade of wood and different gemstones.

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