Men’s Bohemian Jewelry By A’Nena Jewelry

Hey there its A’Nena with a new video. This video features men’s bohemian jewelry that I have made that you can find at either one of my stores :
Enjoy. Handmade with love, A’Nena Jewelry


What’s The Secret To Making A Great Salad?

What's The Secret To Making A Great Salad?

Because I often post pictures of my salads… I usually get asked

“What’s The Secret To Making A Great Salad?”

Well, I’ll share that with you.

First you only prepare a salad right before you eat it…it just tastes better that way. I guess because everything ripens at a different speed, this way you can make sure that your ingredients are the freshest. I used to pre-make salads and they were 80% less crunchy and tasty than when I made them right before I ate them.

Next, you want to get the most colorful fruit and vegetables because they are healthiest for you. Make sure that every item you add is at its freshest: vegetables , fruits and any other ingredients that you want to add.

Then You want to wash everything really well so you don’t get that feeling that you get when you eat fresh spinach that has not been washed well. Nothing will ruin your salad experience than wondering what that extra crunch was and…well you get the point.
But the single most important tool to making your salad incredibly delicious is…..
A mixing bowl!
Yes a mixing bowl, because you can toss all of your ingredient together and you can add seasonings and/ or salad dressing each time you toss so that they are evenly distributed.

Well…that’s the secret to making a great salad. Now go make one..your body will thank you.

Jewelry That Showcases Your Authentic Self!


Men’s Bracelet Jasper “Healthy Love”$68.00 $61.20 USD

When you think of jewelry what comes to mind?


Earrings: Genuine Fire Agate “Appreciation ” $42.00 $37.80 USD

Unisex Bracelet Purple Fire Agate, Purple Swarovski Crystal And Silver Plated Copper Bead ” Faithful”  $85.00 $76.50 USD

For me it is passion. Every important moment in my life included and continues to include jewelry. I remember over 30 years ago when people were asking me what store I bought my jewelry at and when I told them that I had made it they would ask to buy it from me. Before opening my stores on:  has a 1/3 of the selection that I have and has over 305 pieces and I add new jewelry everyday ( I have both stores because each client has a preference and some will only buy from Etsy or from Zibbet its a matter of their personal preference for one company over another.


Men’s Bracelet:”Acceptance” Genuine Jasper and Fire Agate $60.00 $54 USD 

People would buy the jewelry that I was wearing right off from me and they would commission me to do original custom jewelry orders on the spot and ask for my jewelry as gifts for birthdays and important days; which only made me even more passionate about seriously creating jewelry.

Al 1 with labelMen’s Bracelet: Rare White Resin ” Sapa Inca” 1 $65.00 $58.50 USD

Handcrafting gemstone jewelry is my passion and I take it very, very seriously. From creating to mailing  jewelry, I earn the trust of my clients the moment that they receive their jewelry and they find that it arrived quickly and the box that they opened revealed the same picture that they  saw in my store and decided to purchase the jewelry. All gemstones are unisex and so is my jewelry. I may label something for a woman instead of a man simply because of the color, but my male clients buy men’s jewelry as well as women’s jewelry and my female customers buy male jewelry and female jewelry; I have no judgement I am humbled to be able to make my dream come true of selling jewelry internationally and to bring some happiness into someone’s life through jewelry. I have also  had some clients disturbed because I labeled something for a man and she asked me to change the title and I did I believe that if you like  jewelry then you then nothing should keep you from  your heart’s desire.



Earrings:Amethyst, Fluorite, Quartz and Copper “Grounded and Whole” $25.00 $22.50 USD

Jewelry excites everyone: they love giving and receiving jewelry, because it shows love. They love shopping for it because its a chance to dress up and show their authentic self and style. I invest great love and care into designing gemstone jewelry when I design women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry. Each gem is carefully hand selected by me and only the highest quality materials Image


Men’s Bracelet: Handcrafted Genuine Leopard Jasper, Red Jasper and Turquoise “Peaceful” $85.00 $76.50 USD

will do and I use my 30 years of experience in bringing to life designs and they are reworked in a love filled and sanitary space, until they are just right. Jewelry is about wearing what will show who you are and make it shine bright and I am grateful to be of service to make that happen.

Jade, Hematite and Mother of pearl “Prosperity” $30.00 $27 USD


jewelry, art  ( my art reflects my clients from different parts of the world) and self written affirmations from my life experience geared


Men’s Necklace- Genuine Onyx “Legendary” $275.00 $247.50 USD

towards uplifting your spirit and making you smile. I ship in the U.S. as well as internationally. From my ♥ to yours
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