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Atlanta: Actor/Dancers and Photographer/Videographer Needed

Do you live in Atlanta? Then be a part of “ON DISPLAY” Atlanta, GA
A Movement Installation by Heidi Latsky
Celebrating every person on
International Day For Persons With Disabilities. No experience needed. Actor/dancers and a photographer to take pictures and make videos are needed.  Please send audition reels to subject line “On Display Atlanta”  Its voluntary and meaningful.Number 2 On Display Atlanta 1
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Computer-Based Models For Your Marketing Needs

Now making Computer based images of men and women, teens and children, dogs, cats, horses. You can use the humans for you to place your clothes, or jewelry on or near furniture or cars and the pets for what your mind can conceive Very affordable and can make any look you need. for anything that you are selling. Prices  are very affordable. Please message me if interested. Thank you  #jewelry #advertising #models #promotion #dogs #cats #virtualpeople


Frizz-free solution for Curly and Wavy Hair During Humid And Warm Weather


how to stay friz free and curly this summer.jpgHow to keep your waves or curls frizz-free during the humid and warmer months.

1. Separate your hair into 8 parts and pin them.
2. Apply your favorite conditioning oil to each section and repin ( Pre-poo) for your desired amount of time. apply the plastic cap. This creates heat and helps with making sure that your product is absorbed well.
3. Cleanse, rinse and repin each section beginning with the front parts and progressing to the back parts. Working with your hair sectioned will ensure that each hair receives all of the products that you use.
4.Deep condition each section and repin and apply a plastic cap. This creates heat and helps with making sure that your product is absorbed well.
5.Rinse off the deep conditioner then repin beginning with the front parts and progressing towards the back.first and apply a conditioner.
6.Rinse off the conditioner and repin.
7.Dry each section using a t-shirt and repin.
8.Apply a leave-in conditioner to each section and repin
9. Beginning with the back sections, apply a shine and define gel and shingle your hair, This will lock in the oil and moisture that you applied to your hair earlier.
10.Let your hair air dry naturally and enjoy your frizz free hair.
11.At night twist into bantu knots or braid or just leave your hair alone and apply a satin slumber cap.
12.In the morning rub olive oil between your fingers and separate your hair, shake it or fluff and enjoy!

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