About A’Nena Jewelry

I’m a local custom jewelry artist based in Georgia, USA;  who is extremely passionate about creating  unique jewelry options of wearable art for men and women: I seek to ease stress and bring joy through the medium of jewelry. I own an online jewelry store . http://www.etsy.com/shop/ANenaJewelry

I believe in making something for everyone to be able to buy no matter how much money they make. If a customer tells me that they like something I will lower the price until they can afford to buy it. Because I know how bad it feels to see something in a jewelry store that I am passionate about and not be able to afford it.  I love mixing different material like: wood, metal and semi-precious gemstones to create something that never existed before.  I love working with men and women and translating into reality the dreams they have of jewelry that’s locked away in their hearts.



    1. @Elyas Mulu Kiros of
      Kweschn! (www.kweschn.wordpress.com) by Elyas Mulu Kiros (EMK)

      Hi Elyas!!

      Thank you for writing such an incredible Blog! I love everything about it. Your purity and compassion for all forms of life comes across so well. Thank you also for connecting to my jewelry.


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