A’Ne Na Jewelry : Jewelry as a medium for self-expression


Featured item By Cousin Corporation of America week 11/26/2012-12/2/2012Taino Inspired Women’s Necklace:Wood, Seashells, Coral, Copper &Amber Hued Artisan Glass $40 https://www.etsy.com/listing/96143080/taino-inspired-womens-necklacewood?ref=shop_home_active

I think that my small business became serious for me when people started recognizing me on the street, when different jewelry companies that I buy from started featuring my work, when people feature my work on Polyvore on a set, when I am filling out a customs form to ship something internally, when a stop owner over seas sends me a thank you note and a picture and tells me that something they made from the supplies I sell them is selling and when I am able to tangibly buy things from money I made from selling my jewelry for my son. It humbles me and scares me  how something that I create with so much love and peace in a very small, quiet loved filled space can go many miles away to a small village where people can use it to sustain their life.
Ever since I was a little girl I would sit with my glasses reading encyclopedias about gemstones and different cultures and I was in awe of humans and how they create something from nothing.

Since the beginning of time all ancient civilizations created some from of jewelry to denote:

The love one shares for another, family linage, royalty,societal status,gender, whether single or married,and as a medium of expression. Today it  is no different. Granted that we have access to a wide range of materials with which to acquire and create jewelry due to online stores, it still serve a purpose to relay a message.

I have a blog where I feature small business owners. I believe that we as humans were created to make the world a better place. I try to do my part by giving business owners a voice.  With deep: gratitude,appreciation & love, from my ♥ to your ♥ A’Ne Na

A’Nena Jewelry www.etsy.com/shop/anenajewelry


Created for a man who gave this as an anniversary gift to his beloved wife


Created for a customer as an engagement ring pure coral and swarovski crystals


Created for a customer who was a little unhappy regarding how finals were going



Both created for a family reunion


Please Share Your Loving,Tender and Kind Jewels Of Wisdom

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